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Mexico lindo! 

he country, home to great pre-Spanish civilizations, inherit some of the world’s great

monuments, as Teotihuacán’s pyramid,

the Maya´s Chichén Itzá temple and Uxmal archaeological site.

Places swallowed by jungles, that enclose all the magic of those cultures.

Then, the Spanish colonial era left huge proves of that empire´s power,

endless squares and avenues, like El Zócalo, designed the foundations of

modern Mexico, where Art and Life is a common mixture.

Nature´s wonders from jungles and snowed volcanoes, to cactus deserts and endless coast

with sandy beaches, friendly people, colorful sceneries that depicture

mexican reality.

That is the outcoming escence of this deep-rooted traditions




What are the things to see in Mexico ?

The Panama Canal ( the engineering wonder )

Bocas del Toro ( a combination of beach and nature )

San Blas ( Where else will you see unspoiled islands where the native Indian tribes live traditionaly )

Gamboa ( Venturing to Gamboa is seeing the Panama jungle in its most natural way )

Casco Viejo ( The old colonial part of the City of Panama )


Who needs to go to Mexico?


 Whoever loves abundant and unspoiled nature will find ....

 Panama away from the capital Panama City and the Canal is

      considered a great unknown to the travelers community.

 Well where to start here...


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 Best time to visit ?

The best time to visit is between October and April, like most tropic countries.

But a clear majority of groups come over here from July to September due to the Holiday dates in the summer and due to the fact that the mid season in Panama is mostly some rain-showers that usually last for 10-20 minutes.

This is more or less true for all of Latin America.   


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