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  Proud and Feisty 

What words can someone use to describe Cuba. This unique Island is filled with pride,

culture and a revolutionary touch that can be seen from "la capital"

Havana to Santiago in the east. Since it is a Caribbean island you can be sure that

it has the musical culture that will awake your senses.

But apart from marvelous cities like Havana, Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Santiago,

visitors are astounded by the many highlights found in the "campo"

the so called province like the Viñales fields, the Baracoa area

and some of the best beaches of the Caribbean stretching

from the known Varadero to the secluded Cayos.




What are the things to see in Cuba ?

Some of the Highlights to discover

 Havana in its entirety ( the forbidden fruit )

 Viniales ( the Valley of the Cuban cigar )

 Trinidad ( UNESCO World Heritage Colonial City and
     in one word outstanding )

 Santiago ( The "New Orleans" of Cuba famous

     for its unique music and style )

 Baracoa ( Land of many rivers and villages that

     haven't changed even the tiniest bit over the decades ) 


Who needs to go to Cuba?


 Everyone who wants to see Cuba as it is now

      before the big changes come.

 Bon Viveurs of life will find a haven over here, good food,
      the finest cigars, the undoubtedly best nightlife

      in the Caribbean and views to die for.

 Explorers will find this worthwhile since Cuban

      province (el campo)  is still unknown and offers

      plenty of stunning surprises.  


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 Best time to visit ?

The best time to visit is between October and April, like most tropic countries.

But a clear majority of groups come over here from July to September due to the Holiday dates in the summer and due to the fact that the mid-season in Cuba is mostly some rain showers that usually last for 20-30 minutes.

This is more or less true for all of Latin America.   

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Havana being the capital of Cuba is a Monument of the Caribbean of the 50s where the Retro American Cars from together with the Colonial Houses lead the explorer back in time.


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