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Costa Rica




Pura Vida is Pure Life

Between volcanoes and beaches, jungles under protection of 
flora and fauna species, 

the country stands as the peaceful green jewel of the region. 

Costa Rica is a natural paradise where artificial flavours are not needed.

As the local people say, ´Pura Vida´ or ´Pure Life´

is a wide used slogan containing, the spirit of living life

in a plenty way. You wll come across many destinations,

most of them built in sostenible eco-tourism way.

Choose from Tortuguero to Manuel Antonio,

as both combine jungle and blue waters,

to  Monteverde and Arenal, inmersed in the mountains and volcanoes areas.

Pick up a day at the Caribbean beaches or a breathtaking morning at Canopy Camp and Walkways.

Costa Rica, in other words :´Pura Vida´ .



What are the things to see in Costa Rica ?

Some of the Highlights to discover

 Arenal Volcano National Park, an active volcano and thermal waters.

 La Fortuna Waterfall, a marvelous 200 feet waterfall.

 Manuel Antonio National Park, wildlife, lush vegetation and an incredible beach.

 Guanacaste Beaches, at the Pacific coast, blessed with amazing weather and clear waters.

 Tortuguero National Park, with it´s set of water canals, known as the Amazonas of the country.

  Monteverde Cloud Forest, home for the quetzal bird and nature adventures destination.


Who needs to go to Costa Rica ?


 Everyone who wants to feel the tropical waters,  warm beaches, a bit cool just to refresh you.

 Nature lovers looking for amazing biodiversity. 

 Explorers will find this worthwile since Costa Rica´s   govern policies are: taking care of wildlife and natural   resources. 

Couples or Families, thirsty for adventure activities,  beyond any previous experience.


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 Best time to visit ?

The best time to visit is between October and April, like most tropic countries.

But a clear majority of groups come over here from July to September due to the Holiday dates in the summer and due to the fact that the mid season in Costa Rica is mostly some rain-showers that usually last for 20-30 minutes.

This is more or less true for all of Latin America.   


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