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From Hobby to Profession


Back in 1996 we made one of the many trips we where doing at the time but this particular one did change our lives. 

It was our first experience in Latin America and specifically Cuba just when the Country opened its borders to the first Tourists after more than 30 years of isolation.

People would name it love on first sight and this was more than a fitting description in our case. A few more visits followed to meet more of Latin America and the decision was taken that our hobby would become our profession.  

Seeing that as beautifull and diverse as South America and the Carribean was, many foreigners visiting would have difficulties organizing and exploring their choosen country at a fair cost without dilluting the experience and without facing typical "local problems" we made it our mission to change that.  

Jumping forward its 18 years since we organized our first trip for travelers to South America we have over the years accumulated lots of knowhow and overcame various difficulties so that you dont have to face any of them and you can focus on whats important. 

Seeing the Southern part of the Americas as it is. 

Unique, lively and beautiful.


Passing an Embera Village by boat


Supporting the Local Community


Being here for quite some time, we have seen the diffculties that the native population has to face either economically or enviromentally.

We have taken it to heart to help through our programs by hiring local staff and operators and to guide our visitors to native communities without going overboard wherever possible and respecting their way of life but still giving those people an opportunity to live well in their habitat without having to move to the bigger cities which has changed many indigenous communities over the past 30 years.



Where do you find us 


We are now based in the heart of this Continent with our offices in Panama City and in Havana / Cuba preparing and giving our outmost to guide you from the widely known and popular spots to the hidden gems that are still today undiscovered. 

With our support angels in our offices waiting to answer your queries by email or phone, more than 20 guides that have been through jungle and mountain and many outside contractors that we know and work together for years we are ready to take you out of your daily routine and send you off to a journey.

We will see you over here, we are certain that you are going to love it. 


Your Holiday Latino Team




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