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Terra Nova is what the Spanish named the just discovered American Continent, that we call today South America. Land of the Salsa, the live in the here and now, the still undiscovered nature that lies in the deeps of the Amazon and the warm welcoming smiles of the people who inhabit this part of the world.

We would like you to discover this lust for life meets ancient indigenous culture and the most beautiful nature imaginable with us and let us help you explore this magnificent continent.





PANAMA - The Unexplored 

Imagine a country with little to no tourism. Imagine now a nature that is among the most undiscovered in the whole of the Americas. And now see yourself being in this paradise of undiscovered deep jungle, pristine beaches, an exciting city and one of the biggest engineerings in human history, the Panama Canal. Welcome to Panama, Ladies and Gentlemen...

CUBA - A trip back in time

If there is one island in the Carribean where you can say that the most songs have been written about it surely is this one. Cuba. Proud, alive and a touch of the 50's makes this Island unique character. Meet one of the last places on earth where there is mystery to be found and let Cuba travel you back in time.



COSTA RICA - Pura Vida

There is a saying that goes like this. When all the nature will meet its end the last paradise on heaven will be the land of the rich coast. This is what Costa Rica has been to all of its visitors for the past 30 years. An incredible array of unique animals and plants, together with the dark sand beaches along the Pacific Ocean. This is why this country is being called. Pura Vida. 

COLOMBIA -  Living with the Paisas

At the northern tip of South America marked by rainforests, mountains and plenty of coffee plantations we find one of the hidden gems of the Americas where we meet history loaded with mystery and the most hospitable people of the continent. Colombia is for real and waiting to amaze you.


BRAZIL - The pais Maravilhosa

This one is unreal people. Barely any other country in the world can match this marvelous strip of the world in terms of originality and uniqueness. From the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia to the Waterfalls of Iguazu of one thing you can be sure, Brazil will leave a mark on your senses.

MEXICO - The colors of life

Only when a thousand years old culture meets with some of the best natural sights and beaches, the most lively folks of Latin America and the most amazing choice of food you can have a journey of your lifetime like you are going to experience when you first step foot onto the most colourful of them all, Mexico.


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 Why with us? 


 Over 25 years we are of introducing Latin America to
all the adventurers and explorers.
  We do live here and this only makes 
us want to share this beautiful Continent 
with the rest of the world.

Local Tour Operator

Living the good's and the difficulties of South America
we see to it that our tour guides are local, so this way the money stays in the
community and helps to build up the
local Economy.

Small Group Travel

How to make sure that our travelers will have the best and most undiluted experience 
possible was the first and most important question we had to face. Small Group travel was
our choice in order to blend in and
to stay under the radar and we
never looked back since then.
Explore local, eat local, sleep local.


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